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If you own and operate a business and you’ve passed that coveted $1 million in annual turnover, you may be thinking to yourself: “What needs to change to grow my business successfully and tap into its true growth potential?”

Think back to when you first started your business: Back then, it was probably just you, or maybe it was you and someone else. At that point, you were likely dealing with nearly every aspect of your business, or close to it: sales, marketing, finances, hiring, administration, and so forth.

Now, things are going pretty well – yet, you may feel like something’s missing. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau of growth and you’re feeling stuck.

In this groundbreaking book for business owners, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the proper resources as your business gets bigger and more complex
  • How to keep a healthy perspective in both good and hard times
  • How to rekindle and focus the enthusiasm you originally had for your business
  • How to find mentors and networks that can guide and support you
  • How to put a “take on the world” mentality to work for you – strategically


David Dawson is the trusted authority on business growth for business owners who have crossed the $1M mark. As a seasoned business leader, he specialises in working with CEOs, owners and other high-level executives at successful small businesses who are ready to take their organisations to the next level of financial growth.

A lifelong resident of Bendigo, Victoria, David began his career in the moving business as a packer for Central Victoria Removals. In 1984, he sold a transport van to his employer for a third of its shares. David operated that vehicle for a few more years before becoming the company’s managing director in 1988 and buying out its remaining shares in 1990.

David worked hard to grow his company, and by 1994, it reached just over $1 million in annual turnover. In 2001, he purchased a Melbourne-based transport business providing international, interstate and local moving services, catering mostly to corporate clients.

Today, David runs Profit Growth Advisors, a consulting service for owners of growing businesses. He provides valuable advice for company leaders who want to take their organisations to new heights of success.

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“It is my pleasure to provide this reference for David Dawson who is a dynamic entrepreneur and now a prolific writer.

I have worked closely with Dave for over 10 years during his time as the managing director of Chess Moving Melbourne. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of Chess Moving Australia and an outstanding member of our team.

Over the years, we have become friends, and I have to say that his humour and good nature made long board meetings and distant travels easy to cope with. Dave represented our organisation at many overseas conferences and conventions and was directly responsible for increasing our market share and agency relationships.

He has a tireless work ethic and a willingness to do whatever it takes. His experience and knowledge of the domestic, interstate and international moving industry is comprehensive. In addition, he’s an accomplished golfer who has won many tournaments in Australia and overseas, and now he adds ‘writer’ to his achievements.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book and Dave himself to business owners who have made it past the $1M mark in annual turnover and are planning for their future growth and success.”

Chris Vancuylenberg

CEO & Managing Director Chess Moving, Sydney

“I have known David Dawson for over five years, both in the capacity of owner of Bendigo Coachlines and now as a Business Mentor through GIR Consulting.

The first thing you notice about David is his aura of calmness in dealing with any situation and his ability to focus on the solution. His communication and delivery skills leave you confident that you are making the right decisions.

David’s understanding of the dynamics of running a business is second to none, whether it involves changing staff and customer culture, finance to capital expenditure, or diversity in future business opportunities. He has taught me the importance of having a clear plan and knowing how the business operates, especially the timing in when and where to invest.

I also learned from him where to streamline costs to improve cash flow without comprising the product. Most people look at their main expenditure; however, David has taught me to spread the streamlining across all expenditure categories, whether it is 0.05% or 2% with the aim of achieving a total level of savings.

The pressure in our industry is massive, as we are “live” in the sense of we transport people, so everything is relevant. From employing the right staff to ensuring a complete renumeration and instilling customer confidence, the right decision making is imperative. Working with David has accelerated my skillsets and allowed me to develop a series of decision-making drivers, which has given me the confidence to know and be a better person in business.”

Mike Bulmer

Business Development Manager Bendigo Coachlines

“David joined my executive mentor group in his capacity as CEO of Chess J Wilson Removals. This group, under the auspices of TEC (The Executive Connection), comprised 12-14 likeminded CEOs that contributed collegially and through mentorship to their mutual success.

In my capacity as chair of this group, I had a close working relationship with David and became familiar with his business and aspirations. I found him to be entrepreneurial as a business owner while successfully managing a complex operation. He contributed significantly to his industry association and was a key driver in forming the international relationship with Unigroup Worldwide (UTS), giving the business a strong domestic and international presence and advantage in a highly competitive environment.

David’s calm and thoughtful manner and idea generation were significant factors in the successful operation of our TEC group, and his input was appreciated and valued by all our members from a wide range of industry backgrounds.”

Malcolm Stevenson BSc (Qld)

MBA (RMIT University) Executive Business Mentor

So many of the business owners who’ve crossed the million-dollar mark struggle to get their business into that next stage of growth. They are smart and hard-working folks, but there are “blind spots” that they miss along the way – things they need to understand in order to plan for the next big growth phase.

Business owners and executives, especially the more entrepreneurial ones, tend to be very independent and high-spirited. They have a “take on the world” kind of mentality that pushes them to attempt – and often achieve great things.

Yet this strength can be a weakness if taken too far. They’re often tempted to think they can keep doing everything, even as their company expands beyond the capacity of any one person to manage.

In the long-run, this can do more harm than good to their business.

Here’s a sampling of the insights you’ll take from this book:

  • Strategies for stepping “outside of your business” to plan for future growth
  • Making smarter personnel decisions
  • Getting a better understanding of your financials
  • Driving improved results from sales and marketing
  • Managing relationships with clients and suppliers